QUALIBÉTON certified concrete plan

QUALIBÉTON certified concrete plan

First prepared concrete producer in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Béton Barrette has supplied quality concrete since 1961. We are able to achieve all of your projects from small to very large-scale ones.

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We are Qualibéton certified, which means that we meet the most demanding standards of the industry.

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Standard concrete

This type of concrete is mainly used for foundations, sidewalks, curbs and floors.

Light concrete

This concrete weighs up from 25% to 30% less than standard concrete. It is mainly used for thermal and sound insulation in floors and firewalls.

Fibrous concrete

This concrete contains synthetic or steel fibres distributed evenly throughout the mix and used for structural reinforcement. The fibres prevent cracking and increase the lifespan of the product.

Coloured concrete

This process is chiefly used for concrete slabs and decorative products. By adding pigments to the mix, you can obtain concrete in the colour of your choice.

Self-compacting concrete

This highly flowable concrete compacts on its own under the weight of gravity. It is useful in hard-to-reach places, complex forms or areas with extensive steel reinforcement.

Shotcrete (wet process)

Sprayed at high velocity onto surfaces with no formwork, this concrete is mainly used for walls, dams and mine tunnels.

Anti-leaching concrete

This highly flowable concrete contains admixtures that help preserve its physical characteristics and prevent crumbling, even in contact with water.

Expansive concrete

Containing an anti-shrinking chemical agent designed for concrete slabs, this concrete enables to obtain very level surfaces.

Backfill concrete (non-shrinking)

This very thin concrete is a self-compacting controlled density backfill material. No compacting is required to obtain an adequate load-carrying capacity. This product is in particular used for excavations and roadwork trenches.