Béton Barrette, a concrete history!

Established in 1960, Béton Barrette is the regional reference for the supply of aggregates, prepared concrete, transportation of heavy equipment and snow removal.

With our mobile plants for crushing and sifting that are on the cutting edge of technology, Béton Barrette shines everywhere in Québec and meets the most demanding requirements.

The founder, Marcellin Barrette was born in Authier. After his technical studies and the end of the war, he created with his brothers a first cement pipe plant. Thereafter, there followed a second one in Malartic and a third in Barraute.

In 1960, he moved to Val-d’Or and with a partner, Mark Ferderber, he built a plant of mixed concrete, the first one in Abitibi-Témiscamingue: B & F Ready-Mix Ltd. This plant supplied concrete for numerous contracts and thus contributed to the region’s social and economic development.

After the death of this builder in 2009, his children and grandchildren have pursued his work and continue to uphold his values: integrity, solidarity, respect, justice, sense of responsibility, honesty and professionalism.

In 2010, while celebrating its 50th anniversary, Béton Barrette was named ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR by the Val-d’Or Chamber of Commerce. At the 2015 gala, the company received the SUSTAINABILITY award highlighting its 55 years of existence. At the company's 36th gala in 2016, Béton Barrette wins the award of INVESTMENT FROM $ 500,000 TO $ 2 M.

In January 2016, Béton Barrette was passed into the hands of its third generation of leaders with as the sole owner Jean-Félix Barrette.


Produce and offer materials and services of the finest quality and at the lowest cost while favouring well-organized, safe and harmonious teamwork and taking into consideration environmental standards. Provide quick and courteous consulting services to meet the requirements of every type of challenge.

Our services

  • Crushing and sifting: 3 mobile plants
  • Qualibéton certified concrete plant
  • Open pit production
  • Aggregate supply: gravel pit and quarry
  • Transportation of aggregates and ore
  • Transportation of bulk cement
  • Rental and transportation of heavy equipment
  • Concrete blocks (decorative and regular concrete blocks)
  • Snow removal